CapitaLand Jaarverslag 2011 Cover

The Singapore based property developer CapitaLand commissioned Joseph Klibansky to create a unique portrait of their beloved city.

Beautiful Singapore” is an artwork created by the young Dutch new media artist Joseph Klibansky (1984).

The artwork embodies the spirit of Capitaland and captures the core values of how it operates and communicates with people.

The message of  “Beautiful Singapore”  is one of  passionate growth in a sustainable way, with the preservation of nature as an integral part of its well-known philosophy.

This artwork shows the proud completion of many of Singapore’s most amazing and iconic buildings, many of them created by Capitaland.

The artist's main focus was to create a well-balanced harmony between heritage, nature and 21st century city life, not as a static portrait, but capturing the underlying energy and spirit of the people that make Singapore one of the most amazing and dynamic cities on the planet.

Artwork title: Beautiful Singapore (2012), 290x130 cm
Collection: Private collection CapitaLand