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Artiste :
Titre : Elements of Desire
Dimensions : 100 x 66 x 20 cm / 39.4 x 26 x 7.9 in
Plusieurs tailles disponibles
Technique :
Année de création : 2013
Description :

For his detailed sculptures Joseph Klibansy explores the borders between various media. He tries to find an interaction between highly detailed computer designed objects and traditional hand-made bronze sculptures.

For Klibansky the use of modern day technology and state of the art machinery like 3D-printing and scanning, are an integral part of his poetic expressions. His sculptures are socially experimental and conceptual works that are mostly figurative in form.

Through his work Klibansky try’s to tell the story of a rapidly changing culture. A culture where the youth and young-minded are hotwired into an ever expanding digital highway of information wherever they go.
It puts his work in to a time frame that could only have been created in this (digital) era, thus automatically
creating a form of historical significance to the work.

It is also a world where the globalization of the “super brands” gets a grip on nearly every one on the planet,
this globalization materialized in an experience that triggered Klibansky’s new series titled “Elements of Life”

It was a small 3 year old girl pulling hard on her fathers arm at the Amsterdam airport with the words: daddy,
daddy, do they have a starbucks here!

For Klibansky this was the final inspiration to create sculptures and structures where simple items likes Starbucks cups and Chanel bottles in diproportunate sizes are risen to the state of icons and where brand marketing was targeted at the youngest of children to generate revenue and interest.

The perfection in quality and finish Klibansky demands in his work ad a certain distance and silence to his sculptures that create a level of misplaced iconic-ness to even the most basic of objects while questioning the viewer if they themselves are a part of this new way of life.