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His work is very popular internationally and will be significantly paid for, especially when you consider that artist Joseph Klibansky only 27 years old. With a photographer like his father's path in hindsight not so surprising, but it took him his life of art.

"I did an economic study, until I found out that it was not for me." The Cape Town born autodidact Klibansky peppered his fluent Dutch with English words: "The 'digital arts such as Photoshop fascinated me even more. I make hundreds of photographs, snapshots actually more like tourists in a city. These are the basic elements of my work. "

That work looks like a kind of "cityscape", loosely translated: City shelf. The digital artist cut and paste excerpts from his photos to a whole that is familiar, the famous Times Square in New York for example. But nothing is what it seems. The futuristic look of a collage is a closer look rather nostalgic about - a ommedraai of around 180 degrees.

"And because those pictures on many times in all seasons are made, correct exposure also no sides," grins Klibansky. And this alienation, it is partly to do it. But then we are only at the base of a job. In 'High Flyers' for example, he projects butterflies and hummingbirds in a particularly large flow from left to right across the canvas. That he then worked entirely with fluorescent inks. "That always gives me a fluorescent pink" magic feeling ". And that hummingbirds are a symbol of city life. They must always keep flying, keep eating to keep power. To me that is a parallel with City Life in New York. "

The appearance of his paintings (100% cotton) is reinforced by the final treatment: first with a composite Dibond laminated layer is then poured clear resin. The whole makes a cheerful impression, the artist affirms the desperation and status: "I come from a harmonious, creative family. That always gave me a positive, optimistic feeling. It does not fit so black to me. And the best part is, people all over the world recognize that optimism. Perhaps as an antidote to the crisis, they want it left negative. "

That hope also by playing "Spacious City. "The slightly leaning buildings allow for the busy mess on earth, some astronauts that their dog exhaust the possibilities in the empty space." 'Asian Invasion' refers to the increasing role of Asia in world affairs, but without being negative. "I think it provides great that evolution. That things are not always the same will continue. "In 'Overgrown', his latest work shows that this also applies to Klibansky itself: there is a huge detail. "I had in 2007 when I first came into the open, can not yet make. I have become more technically knowledgeable. "

The work of Joseph Klibansky is shown in Rize Art Gallery, 37 Amsterdamsestraatweg in Naarden and Naarderstraat 10 in Laren. Info: and