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Artist :
Title : Parade of Change
Dimensions : 204 x 110 cm / 80.3 x 43.3 in
Multiple sizes available
Technique :
Edition of : 7
Year of creation : 2012
Description :

The artwork –Parade of Change– is an observatory portrait of the major transformation that comes with the “March of Asia” into the western society.
It is an eye opening, condensed view of this "shifting of the tides". We are therefore facing a seismic shift in the redistribution of power from the West to the East.

This does not mean that the West will loose out, but it could well be that they will not remain the dominant economic and political super power it has been for the past two centuries.
It is like the life of animals, plants and human beings, our will and skill to adapt to a changing environment will determine our "survival".